Nurture Your Mind, Thrive As A Mom

It's time to reclaim your happiness , ignite your inner strength , and create a life where you feel like you're thriving, not just surviving.



We help mothers gain balance, reduce stress, rediscover their identity, and feel emotionally supported throughout their motherhood journey.

We do so with transformational coaching paired with predictable systems and frameworks in psychology. The change we want to make is that our clients stand in power, know their worth, and feel empowered to be the
best version of themselves.


We help mothers thrive in both their personal lives and in motherhood by teaching them how to prioritize their mental health.

In doing so, we help mothers embrace a version of themselves that feels strong, confident, worthy, and happy...creating a positive ripple effect that benefits our children... the future generation.

What is New Beginnings Coaching and How Can It Help You?

New Beginnings Coaching is the ultimate transformational program for busy mothers who are ready to put their needs first...Who are ready to feel balance and reduce stress...Who are ready to rediscover their identity...And who are ready improve their overall well-being.

It was founded by Dr. Sandra Konja, a Clinical Psychologist, Mindset Coach, and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, who has served hundreds of mothers in the mental health space.

As mothers, we often find ourselves immersed in the whirlwind of our family's needs and obligations, inadvertently putting our own mental health on the back burner. The demanding roles we juggle can leave us feeling stretched thin, overwhelmed, and even guilty for considering our own well-being. But it's easy to forget that by neglecting our mental health, we compromise our ability to be the best versions of ourselves for our loved ones.

That's where the New Beginnings Program comes in. This program is tailor-made to address the unique challenges we all face as human beings. It offers live group support (literally "the village" we all need but don't always have) and a personalized toolbox of 12 essential skills taught in therapy, empowering us to cultivate self-compassion, embrace growth mindsets, change negative thoughts, set boundaries, and so much more.

By investing in our mental well-being through the New Beginnings Program, we're not only prioritizing ourselves, but creating a positive ripple effect that benefits our families, personal/professional lives, and overall sense of fulfillment. It's time to reclaim our happiness and thrive as the resilient, empowered mothers we aspire to be!

Are you ready? Change is within reach.


What We Offer


Unlimited access to 12+ support groups per month! Our motherhood support groups are a safe space to share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded women who understand exactly what you're going through. Groups provide you with an opportunity to be heard in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and encouragement alongside other moms in a similar place in their lives.


UNLIMITED ACCESS to LIVE support groups.

With the membership you have access to 12+ virtual support groups per month. Join and connect with other moms in a similar place in their lives. All groups are facilitated by Dr. Sandra.

You will also get access to the Thriving Mom Masterclass where you will unleash the magic of 12 therapeutic skills taught by a psychologist and THRIVE in motherhood!


Inside the digital Thriving Mom Workbook, you’ll join Dr. Sandra , psychologist and founder of New Beginnings Coaching, as she guides you through daily prompts and exercises that will help you cultivate self-love so you can thrive in motherhood. Get ready to experience increased self confidence, balance and clarity, improved communication, enhanced coping mechanisms, and a renewed sense of purpose on your motherhood journey!

THRIVING MOM: Overcoming Anxiety Blueprint

For moms who want DIY coaching along with LIVE support. Unleash the magic of 20 therapeutic skills taught by a psychologist that will help you overcome your anxiety so you can THRIVE in motherhood!


30-Days to a deeper connection with YOURSELF. This is the ultimate guided journal created by a Clinical Psychologist that will help you gain self-awareness and improve your mental well-being from home in as little as 15 minutes per day. Get ready to experience increased self confidence, balance and clarity, improved communication, a boost in happiness, reduced anxiety, and a renewed sense of purpose on your self-discovery journey!


150 conversation cards for the imperfectly perfect mom. Meaningful questions created by a Clinical Psychologist meant to create conversations, deepen connections, and strengthen bonds between parents everywhere. These cards can be used at social gatherings, as journal writing prompts, and in therapeutic settings...just to name a few! Digital and physical product available.



I feel much more capable because I now have tools to work through the heavy issues and know how to process them…I cannot recommend this program enough! Every new mom needs this resource. It’s been life changing for me.


I feel more confident and empowered, and I have much more clarity. I feel much more excited rather than apprehensive about the future. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sandra and this New Beginnings program to any mama looking for extra support on navigating this motherhood journey!


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